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OK, so is it normal for high-profile trials to carry on over the weekend, or is this a sneaky plan to bypass the Third Chair news cycle? In any event, this trial went on over the weekend, with continued testimony by Sen. Jane Orie’s (“Jane”) ex-chief of staff Jamie Pavlot.

Pavlot testified about a conference call with Justice Orie Melvin (“Joan”) and Jane, shortly after an intern complained to authorites about campaigning from the office.  “They said, ‘If there’s stuff in those boxes related to the judge, get it out of those boxes,’ ” Pavlot testified. “It was maybe the day after [Melvin’s] election.”   

Geez. But Pavlot also testified that this incident had slipped her mind when she talked with investigators, she never reported it to anyone, and remembered it after Friday’s testimony.  [Trib] [Patriot, with a good Jane photo.] 

Pavlot did testify that Jane handled political campaigning via her personal telephone number, rather than her official email address.  But she also said official computers were used for campaign work.  [Post-Gazette] She testified that Jane ordered legislative staff to leave the office and conduct campaign work on the clock for the state.  [Post-Gazette]