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  • Humorless Louis Vuitton lawyers tangle with Penn State Intellectual Property Law Group.  Did they learn nothing about parody and nominative fair use from the whole Chewy Vuitton thing? [Volokh Conspiracy]  Go Lions! (They are lions, right?)
  • K&L Gates sues a casino in Macau over allegedly embezzled profits that were gambled away by a former partner.  Good luck with that one, guys.  [AmLaw Daily]
  • Pittsburgh-based EDMC filed a motion to dismiss the DOJ lawsuit against it.  [Loansafe.org]
  • As of yesterday, you can get pulled over for texting while driving.  Some people claim the law actually makes the road more dangerous.  [Inquirer] Others think it doesn’t go far enough.  [Patriot]  just hope they don’t outlaw my driving while peering at a tiny map on my telephone.
  • Congratulations to Duquesne University, which ranked as one of the best law schools for bar exam preparation.  [Duquesne]