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  • Remember when the district court asked for briefs on the constitutionality of the DOMA in a pension dispute case between an attorney’s domestic partner and her parents? Yesterday, attorneys for both sides argued that the matter could be decided without regard to the political elephant in the room.  [Legal Intelligencer]  But what fun is that?
  • As the Ories Turn: Another ex-staffer complained about doing campaign work on state time.  “I said, I don’t want to do this anymore. We could get in trouble,” testified Audrey Mackie.  [Trib]
  • Democrats are furious about the proposed voter identification bill.  [PA Indy]
  • Jerry Sandusky’s attorney wants more information about alleged abuse victims and more time to prepare for trial.  [Patriot]
  • Don’t answer your phone when you’re crabby, and other sensible client intake tips for solo practitioners.  [Lawyerist]