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If you work as a pro bono attorney in family court (an excellent way to network with attorneys in town, even if you’re not a family attorney), check out the ACBA’s lunch and learn update on custody law.


Are you unemployed? No — you are a scrappy solo practitioner.  Network with your brethren at ACBA’s lunchtime  meeting.

After work, get 3 hours of CLE credit — including one hour of ethics! — for $99 at a practical looking class on preliminary objections, taught by attorney Cliff Tuttle (whom you may recall from the Third Chair comments section).  CCAC.


Check out ACBA lunchtime meetings for federal practitioners, and the Hispanic Attorneys Committee.


After work, earn 3 hours of CLE credit on Medicare law.  Another excellent and practical course offered by CCAC.


You’ve networked and learned tons this week.  Now, the YLD hosts its third annual scavenger hunt downtown. You don’t have to be young — all ACBA members are invited.  And if you haven’t signed up or are too old for such shenanigans, it might be fun to watch a bunch of young lawyer whippersnappers run around downtown looking for whimsical things.