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  • Today in As the Ories Turn: Janine Orie’s retrial is set for August 13.  There are rumors that she might get a judge other than Judge Manning, who presided over her prior case and both of Jane’s trials, if I’m not mistaken.  Jane will be sentenced on May 21.  [Post-Gazette]
  • ACLU will sue the state over its new voter identification law.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Oh! Speaking of the First Amendment, someone is suing the Ross township for kicking him off the podium of a town meeting where he was making a public comment.  If you have ever been forced to attend municipal meetings, maybe you share my love for the local gadflies who stand up and ramble in the meetings and break up the bureaucratic monopoly a bit; it definitely sounds like he was a regular.  The trial started today & I’m rooting for him.  [Trib]
  • School District asks the court to throw out a subpoena from the Jerry Sandusky Defense; Sandusky and Amendola pose for another creepy news photo. [Patriot]