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  • At long last, and after state officials stepped in to mediate, UPMC and Highmark have made a deal that lets Highmark customers use UPMC doctors, at least till 2015. By then, who knows what the health care scene will be.  [WSJ]
  • Also, some guys in Philadelphia are suing Highmark, claiming that it sits on more “incidental” profits than a nonprofit should be allowed to have.  [Post-Gazette]
  • A Virginia court dismissed claims against BNY Mellon for defrauding state pensions through currency exchange transactions.  [Washington Post]  This was based on a “razor thin” application of Virginia state law, and won’t affect investigations of similar fraud in Pennsylvania, or the claims by New York and Florida.  [Trib]
  • Coder’s Corner!  Counsel on Call is hiring attorneys for a 2-3 week hard-copy document review assignment outside of Pittsburgh.  “It’s not glamorous,” they warn you.  [Career Builder]