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  • Robert Hoyt will take over as PNC’s general counsel when Helen P. Pudlin ends her 18-year tenure.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Prosecutors change dates of alleged misconduct in Penn State sex abuse case, which might create a statute of limitations defense for some of the perjury defendants.  [Patriot]  Also, lots of motions to quash were filed in response to Jerry Sandusky’s subpoenas of various schools and whatnot.  [PA courts]
  • Post-Gazette profiles Jones Day, which opened in Pittsburgh back when it was still the “wild west” for big law firms — which sounds like code word for “before K&L.”  [Post-Gazette]
  • U.S. DOJ is hiring entry level attorneys.  [Posse List]
  • Malpractice cases in the state have “leveled off” and Chief Justice Castile thinks it’s because we started requiring certificates of merit and made it harder to venue shop.  [Pa courts]