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And we’re back! What else is going on?

  • Justice Joan Orie Melvin moved to have the entire Court of Common Pleas bench recused from her corruption trial.  Awesome, but she also has a point. The star witness against her is married to one of the judges, two of them ran against her in judicial elections, and she’s served with several others. Also, she is an Orie, so there’s that. [Post-Gazette]
  • Meanwhile, Jane Orie will be sentenced on Monday and pundits are speculating that she’ll get sent to jail, where she would join lots of other disgraced state officials. Will we have Republican vs Democrat prison riots? (I think there might be more Democratic politicians in prison than Republicans, but I would never bet against Jane Orie in a fight. She looks scrappy.)  [Post-Gazette]
  • Weirdo class action lawsuit of the week: California (of course) resident who signed up for text alerts from the Pittsburgh Penguins turns around and sues the Pens for sending too many texts.  Texts that he signed up to receive. [Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk]  
  • Jury selection is about to start in the Jerry Sandusky trial, God help us. [Patriot]
  • Penn State: We want to settle as many of the claims as possible.  [Trib]
  • Coders’ corner alert: Di Cenzo is staffing a document review project at Orrick in Wheeling.  It pays $24/hour. [Craigslist]
  • Fox Rothschild is hiring a commercial litigation associate.  [Lawjobs.com]
  • Dell Moser is hiring a litigation associate with 1-5 years’ experience.  [ACBA]
  • FedEx is hiring a staff attorney who will focus on labor law.  [Fedex]
  • Thorp Reed is hiring an intellectual property law associate to do patent and trademark law. [Monster]