• Should Justice Joan Orie Melvin keep getting her salary while she’s suspended and fighting corruption charges? [Post-Gazette] Geez, with all the money we spend financing politicians’ legal battles, and then feeding them and clothing them in jail, no wonder we’re always in a budget crisis.
  • Document reviewers beware! Pittsburgh attorney got a judge’s permission to use predictive coding in a case that could be a landmark for e-discovery.  But don’t worry, it was in Virginia.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Being a lawyer makes you fat; so does being a judge.  [WSJ]
  • Allegedly PSU had a secret file of Sandusky child abuse that they were not reporting. WTF? Also, there the horrorshow spectacle of witness testimony is in its second day. [Patriot]
  • The RICO suit against Alcoa is baaack.  [Business Times]