• Watch out for disgruntled legal secretaries! A federal grand jury indicted Alyson Cunningham, along with her husband and a guy who claims to be affiliated with Anonymous, for hacking into a law firm’s servers after the firm fired her.  [Post-Gazette]  Nobody’s naming the law firm, but the ABA Journal found her Linked In page, which identifies her as an ex-secretary at local divorce firm Voelker & Gricks, which matches up with a press release referencing the law firm as “VG.” 
  • Predictive coding is the future of document review. [Law.com]
  • BCG is looking for an energy attorney.  [BCG]
  • Cordell Cordell is looking for a family lawyer. [Cordell] Their slogan is “a firm that men can count on.” 
  • Court of Common Pleas OK’d a class action lawsuit against Governor Corbett over diversion of tobacco funds from the now-defunct AdultBasic medical insurance.  [Legal Intelligencer]