• Judge Manning ordered ex-Rep. Jane Orie to pay $180,000 in restitution for state-sponsored legal fees in her corruption trial — sort of a victory for her if you consider that the prosecution wanted $2 million.  Now maybe Jane has that kind of money lying around, but if not I think it would be nice to raise money via a Orie true crime reality show where we could watch the sisters do crimes, tease their hair, shop for trench coats and so on. Or would be the only viewer? [Trib]
  • Meanwhile, Justice Joan Orie Melvin filed a writ appealing the Judge Manning’s refusal to try her corruption case before an out-of-county judge.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Commonwealth Court is letting plaintiffs file a second adultBasic class action case against Governor Corbett. [Legal Intelligencer]
  • State legislators didn’t get enough votes to halt the court-ordered property reassessment, but that’s OK because I’m winning all my appeals.  [Post-Gazette]