• At long last, the process of throwing Penn State’s ex-GC under the bus has begun.  Today, Grant Spanier told trustees that Cynthia Baldwin told him “very little” about what was going on with the Sandusky investigation and basically dragged him to testify before the grand jury without telling him what it was about. [Trib]
  • The State Supremes issued their first 3-3 split decision since Justice Orie Melvin’s suspension.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Uh oh. The DOJ is scrutinizing our much-maligned new voter ID law.  [Trib]
  • The Western District’s pilot patent program is a year old, and has been a boon to local IP firms.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Energy lawyers are coping with the shift from wet to dry gas.  [Legal Intelligencer]