• Judge Manning quashed yet another set of subpoenas by Justice Orie Melvin, this time for witnesses and documents in preparation for her preliminary hearing on Monday.  He quashed the subpoenas because they sought impeachment evidence, which he said wasn’t appropriate for a preliminary hearing.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Above the Law comes to the defense of Penn State’s Dickinson Law School in light of the brouhaha over its accreditation we mentioned last night.  And they’re right — if the ABA lets Cooley law school maintain accreditation, Penn State should be fine moving some buildings around or whatever. [Above the Law]
  • Commonwealth Court heard challenges to the voter ID law; Corbett peeved that he had to learn about the DOJ’s investigation of the voter ID law from a newspaper.
  • Want a part-time job being the lawyer for an adoption agency? [Craigslist]
  • Also: Reed Smith is hiring an e-discovery attorney. Slow brain death, but I think they have a Keurig machine and a nice cafeteria.  [Monster]
  • Special Counsel is recruiting a real estate attorney with a brief and vague ad.  [Special Counsel]