• The plaintiff should bear the cost of e-discovery while class certification is pending, ruled an Eastern District of PA judge in a case of first impression. because “IIf the plaintiffs have confidence in their contention that the court should certify the class, then the plaintiffs should have no objection to making an investment.”  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Paul Ryan is coming to tahn! Well, Carnegie.  [WTAE]
  • Some activists are wringing their hands over the fact that the ABA paid Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices’ travel and hotel bills when they were speaking at a conference.  I don’t see any wrongdoing here.  Am I evil? [McCall]
  • Some guy is suing Heinz for patent infringement.  He says he pitched the squeezable ketchup packets to Heinz years ago.  [Trib]
  • Special Counsel is staffing a doc review project downtown, no license required.  [Special Counsel]