Justice Melvin’s attorneys filed a petition for King’s Bench review, asking the State Supreme Court to dismiss charges against her.   This seems a little bit extreme, but I guess when Supreme Court Justices face criminal corruption charges, times are extreme.

In any case, the King’s Bench petition argues that it’s unconstitutional for the state to criminally prosecute her for violating a court policy against political activity.  That is kind of an interesting argument, but has been rejected by the lower court.

I think the Post-Gazette is pushing it by titling the article “Melvin asks Supreme Court colleagues to block her criminal trial.” Doesn’t that make it sound like Justice Melvin engaged in some kind of nefarious back room cigar-smoking ex part communication with the other Justices? When in reality her attorneys just wrote a boring old motion. I am happy that Pennsylvania has such a medieval British name for this type of writ.  And I am copying the Post-Gazette’s photo because it looks like the beginning of a musical number.