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OK, Justice Joan Orie Melvin’s corruption trial has taken a turn for the super weird.  Remember Jamie Pavlot? She was ex-Senator Jane Orie’s chief of staff and a surprise witness at Jane Orie’s corruption trial last year. In that trial, Pavlot testified about a conference call with the Orie sisters Jane Orie and Joan Orie Melvin, in which the sisters told her to get rid of evidence regarding the Justice’s election.

But Pavlot also testified that this incident had slipped her mind when she initially talked with investigators, that she never reported it to anyone, and — like something out of Perry Mason — she remembered this damning incident only after the Sen. Orie’s trial had started.

Here’s where it gets weird.  The Legal Intelligencer now reports that Justice Melvin’s attorneys had gotten the court to reveal the identity of a plaintiff suing someone for giving her [the anonymous lady, not the Justice] a sexually transmitted disease.  Well, it turns out that the Jane Doe plaintiff is none other than Jamie Pavlot, who coincidentally just testified in the Justice’s corruption trial.

So what is the strategy here? Is the plan to discredit Pavlot as a witness by arguing that she is a loose woman? Maybe the plan is to paint her as a vexatious litigant (not a bad plan).

Meanwhile, Pavlot was on the stand today. Pavlot testified that Jane Orie told her “You need to follow that as though I were telling you myself,” whenever state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin or the judge’s aide Janine Orie needed her help for campaign work.

Pavlot also testified about the conference call that she suddenly remembered in the middle of Jane Orie’s trial.  “Anything political of mine I want you to pull out of those boxes,” Pavlot said Melvin told her.

Pavlot will be back on the stand tomorrow, when presumably she will be cross-examined about her romantic life.