Side note: I am so old that I have never heard of this drinking game. But I have experienced the magic of trademark examiners who do not bother with a Google search — or, frankly, a trademark search — before proceeding to publication.  And therefore, I direct you to the Post-Gazette’s story of my new hero, a lady who started composing and performing original Power Hour musical scores while she was a senior at CMU.

So, I guess Power Hour is this thing where you drink one “shot” of beer every minute for an hour. Ali Spagnola, says: “I started this because I was having problems making my concerts interesting.” She is a genius and seems more fun than the average music major, I’m just saying.

Some trademark troll decided to trademark Power Hour even though Google will tell you it is a thing that all of the kids are doing and would be like trademarking beer pong in my day (which I bet someone has done).  Ms. Spagnola apparently spent $30,000 in legal fees to get this spurious trademark thrown out. 

My comments are:

1. That better have been pro bono money because this is a noble cause. Seriously, where is the Electronic Frontier Foundation on this?

2. Read about it in the Post-Gazette here.

3. Cheers!