Justice Melvin Resigns

And lo, the day has come when there are no Ories in office. [Trib] She still plans to appeal her corruption conviction. [Philly Inquirer]

Earlier this month, the Post-Gazette called Philadelphia lawyer William R. Sasso a frontrunner to replace her, but Mr. Sasso was quoted saying that others were more qualified to serve.


Sunday Night Jobs – and networking!

  • Dingess, Foster, Luciana, Davidson & Chleboski LLP is hiring a temporary contract attorney. The ad says it’s just for a couple weeks, but I totally recommend these temping-directly-for-a-small-firm arrangements. If you are good, it could lead to other project work and sometimes it is more interesting than document review. [ACBA]
  • Crown Castle, a telecommunications firm in Canonsburg, is hiring a litigation attorney. [Crown Castle]
  • Hey, do you have Good Friday off this week? Even if you don’t, you should come to Sharp Edge on Thursday night to support the ACBA’s Young Lawyers Division and Operation MVP, which sends care packages to active duty military personnel. Also, delicious beer! [YLD]

Coder’s Corner: Two doc review jobs, & one is remote


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Via Ziprecruiter:

Review Right has several upcoming E-Discovery/document review projects and is seeking document review attorneys for IMMEDIATE upcoming projects. 

Apply today to join our team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Review Right, LLC, sister company of Review Less, LLC

General Information: 

Please submit a resume for consideration Please log in at and submit a resume for consideration. Then complete our online application process in its entirety to expedite your interview with our recruiter.

Project Details:
We have two potential projects in the Pittsburgh area.  Both involve predictive coding.  The expected start date for both could be as soon as April 1, perhaps as late as May 6, depending on the processing of data for each.

Project One:
On-site project in the downtown area and is expected to last approximately six (6) months.  The expected work hours are 8am – 5pm with one hour unpaid lunch.  The assignment is full-time, with a strong possibility of over-time later in the project.   We are looking for the best-qualified reviewers in Pittsburgh and are willing to pay a premium rate for this team.  There will be retention bonus for completing the project.  This project is an analytical review and will be structured differently from most review projects.   We are looking for 10 – 15 contract attorneys.  If you are a newer attorney and have never done review, take our test. If you do very well, you will be considered.  

Project Two: 

Remote project that can be done at your home/office and is expected to last for several months.  You must have a computer, Internet access and a webcam.  We are looking for self-motivated, results-driven, trainable Attorneys/Lawyers that can put in Full Time hours from anywhere with Internet access. No more commutes!  Flexible hours – You set your own schedule! This assignment is full-time, with possible over-time later in the project. There will be weekly webcam meetings.
This project is only open to experienced document review attorneys. 

·      Log into Submit resume and complete our online application process in its entirety

·       Licensed and active bar attorney in Good Standing is a must! 

·       Document review experience strongly preferred, but not required

·       Available to start April 1 or thereafter

·       Available to remain on the assignment throughout the projects estimated length, possibly longer. 

If you are stuck in a grind it out review but think you have more talent than is being used, consider joining our team to learn how a well-managed review is structured.  

About Review Right:

Review Right, LLC specializes in e-Discovery consulting and staffing services throughout the country. We are unique in that we use technology to find and screen good document reviewers. We at ReviewLess aim to help the best document reviewers find good work. We created ReviewRight as one way to identify those who excel at document review.


A Conversation with the Southern Poverty Law Center on Hate Crimes on April 11th

Remember our erstwhile correspondent Equality for All, who used to sometimes provide commentary on LGBT legal issues? Maybe she we can persuade her to contribute again someday. In the meantime, she sends word of a cool sounding upcoming talk with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit that has been a huge force for racial equality.

Friends and Colleagues:

I am delighted to invite you to, "A Conversation with the Southern Poverty Law Center" on April 11 from 5:30-7:30 at the Rivers Club. This event is being sponsored by the newly formed LGBT Rights Committee of the ACBA. Please see the invitation below for a link to the registration.

As many of you know, the SPLC is very skilled in using the civil litigation system to dismantle hate groups, in documenting the proliferation of hate groups and extremism across the country and in promoting tolerance in schools with engaging and innovative programming.

If your schedule allows, please consider attending. This is a great way to show your support for an important Committee on an important topic.

Click on this link to register Online

Corbett dodges jury duty; Melvin hangs on to fight another day; and the rest of us can apply for some depressing jobs.

  • Do governors have to serve jury duty like the rest of us? Spoiler: No. [Post-Gazette]
  • Do state supreme court justices lose their jobs when they get convicted by a jury? Spoiler: It’s “unlikely” the legislature will go so far as to impeach her, but they’re hoping she voluntarily steps down. [Trib]
  • Here’s a good opportunity to get practical experience for a really worthwhile cause. Educate senior citizens and their caregivers about wills, healthcare directives and other important legal documents. [ACBA]
  • Reed Smith is hiring a staff attorney for discovery and litigation work. [Monster]
  • Part-time clerkship for 1L or 2L. [Craigslist]
  • Geez, would you write legal memos for $25 to $75 a pop? What is minimum wage these days? This ad makes me cry. [Craigslist]

Coder’s Corner:Document Review Project

Document Review Project

Choice counsel is currently seeking document review attorneys for an IMMEDIATE need. All candidates MUST have an active PA Bar membership and be available to work in downtown Pittsburgh during regular business hours, Monday – Friday. This project will start as early as Monday, March 11th. Although not necessary, prior document review experience is greatly appreciated.

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in the above listed information, please email davidgaborek.

Trademark hero of the day and drinking games

Side note: I am so old that I have never heard of this drinking game. But I have experienced the magic of trademark examiners who do not bother with a Google search — or, frankly, a trademark search — before proceeding to publication.  And therefore, I direct you to the Post-Gazette’s story of my new hero, a lady who started composing and performing original Power Hour musical scores while she was a senior at CMU.

So, I guess Power Hour is this thing where you drink one “shot” of beer every minute for an hour. Ali Spagnola, says: “I started this because I was having problems making my concerts interesting.” She is a genius and seems more fun than the average music major, I’m just saying.

Some trademark troll decided to trademark Power Hour even though Google will tell you it is a thing that all of the kids are doing and would be like trademarking beer pong in my day (which I bet someone has done).  Ms. Spagnola apparently spent $30,000 in legal fees to get this spurious trademark thrown out. 

My comments are:

1. That better have been pro bono money because this is a noble cause. Seriously, where is the Electronic Frontier Foundation on this?

2. Read about it in the Post-Gazette here.

3. Cheers!


Justice Melvin also makes us the laughingstock of Above the Law

As you undoubtedly heard, Justice Joan Orie Melvin and her sister Janine Orie were convicted of corruption and misappropriation charges yesterday. To add insult to injury she is also Above the Law’s "Judge of the Day" and the ensuing article does such a good job of pulling together ridiculous news coverage of the three Orie sisters that I have nothing to add.

Check it out here. And can Third Chair survive the incarceration of all three Orie sisters, if it comes to that?

Coder’s Corner: Two New Doc Review Jobs


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Compliance (is that a new agency in town?) is looking for attorneys for an upcoming document review project. You need to be admitted somewhere in the union, but not necessarily in Pa.  Pay is competitive. [Posse List]

Also, a law firm is looking for someone to do part-time document review for “modest pay and no promise of permanent employment.” [Craigslist]

Flee this awful job market & beef up your resume are great. Here are a couple openings.

Judge D. Fisher
United States Court of Appeals
Pittsburgh, PA
Term: 1 Year
Applications accepted: Feb 13, 2013 – Sep 13, 2013
Term Start: Aug 18, 2014

Judge Thomas Agresti
United States Bankruptcy Court
Erie, PA
Term: 1 Year
Applications accepted: Feb 11, 2013 – Apr 1, 2013
Term Start: Aug 1, 2013

To review further detail on clerkship positions, log into OSCAR at

ALSO: Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Court is hiring a term clerk and is advertising on Craigslist. You could start on March 15 of this year! Check it out.