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  • Jane Orie was sentenced to at least two years (and potentially as many as ten years) behind bars. The Trib somewhat cattily notes that “Her family, including her brother Jack Orie, wept.” They also ran a picture of Janine crying, with uncharacteristically messy hair; I couldn’t figure out who it was at first.  [Trib]
  • You know how I am always making cracks about them opening a special prison wing for all of our incarcerated politicians? Well, it turns out that former House Speaker Bill DeWeese and former House Speaker John Perzel are cellmates at Camp Hill prison. I’ll bet lobbyists visit them and bring them cigarettes.  [PoliticsPa]
  • Judge Cleland, who will preside over jury selection in the Sandusky case on Tuesday, also did the Luzerne County Cash for Kids case. He’s developing a bit of a niche, isn’t he? [Trib]
  • Penn State is not a party to the Sandusky case — yet — but has retained a team of Reed Smith lawyers to “closely monitor” the proceedings. [Business Times]
  • Supreme Court amends the Rules of Professional Conduct.  [PaCourts]
  • Executive Legal Finders seeks attorneys with at least two years of experience.  [Craigslist]
  • Law firm is looking to hire an attorney or paralegal to help with trusts and estates filing.  At $25 per hour, it sounds more interesting than doc review! [Craigslist]